Sorry but has been found out of "compliance" by the powers to be (Realcomp). This website IS NOT a multiple listing service but a site with links were you can find many Many Listings for Sale.
If you would like to search for Many Lisings for Sale in Southeast Michigan you can visit or
It appears that REALTORS« cannot run a website with the letters MLS in the domain name, but members of the public may. If you would like to purchase this domain name click here.
It is a great "natural" web domain name and would be perfect name for a non-REALTOR business, Michigan Loan Service, Macomb Lender Service, Macomb Michigan Lawn Service etc.

The domain name has been registered since June 21, 2001 long before the game "rules" were changed.

Check out the Wayback machine since September 29, 2001. It has had much web crawling history.

If you would like to search for real estate for sale in Southeast Michigan you can visit

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